Engaging Gen Z in the workplace

Gen Z’s are the current generation that are making their way into the workforce.  

But did you know that the generation actually covers people born from 1997 to 2013? (We were shocked to learn this). 

So although the people on the end of the age range have been in the professional workforce for a few years now why are we seeing so many more articles and people talking about them?  

Well in conjunction with their known ability to stand up for what they believe in and voice their opinions, the workforce is increasingly having to adopt and adapt to them being in your team.  

Recently we took a team to the University of Newcastle’s Industry Open Day where we listened to a few panels that covered a range of topics but our standout was Panel 1 which focused on “how to attract and work with this demographic as they shape the future of the workforce”.  

And boy oh boy did we learn a lot.  

Having taken away so many new things from the day we could chat on the topic for ages but here are our top 3 takeaways: 

  1. They value values. Whether it's feeling valued in the workplace or standing up for their own values, this is what is at their core.

    Considering it’s already evident too that they are not ones to conform or stick around in a workplace if they believe they shouldn’t be treated a particular way, the values they believe in will always shine through (likely strongly).   
  2. Social media and accessibility to the online world have made them globally minded, not just local. They can offer these broader picture perspectives and as the generation with the highest rates of high school and university educations, they have so much to offer. Okay so we know they love holding true to their values, but what everyone also knows already is how engaged they are online.

    And this is something that we could use to our advantage. By having such a large involvement online they have access (and the knowledge) to world views which they can then offer to your workplace.
  3. They're eager to show their impact. They want to learn and when their "why" is described, they'll be motivated to see anything through. 

    Especially if it’s a company or company’s mission that they believe in, Gen Z’s are great at being passionate and devoting themselves to achieving a goal. This is because they love to prove their worth and showcase the value they can provide, and then the motivation piece comes in when you give them something to believe in or feel passionate about.  


Nadene Barretto not only attended the event and listened to this panel but also has other knowledge about engaging Gen Z’s into your workplace.  

If you have any questions, give her a call on 0432 124 418 or email nadene@eightrecruitment.com.au